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Enterprise One Solutions

Our Priority - Your Data

A set of services & technologies specially designed to protect intellectual property, ensure the security of data & systems that integrate with a range of IT systems. As an enterprise solutions company, we understand that each enterprise has a set unique mobile needs - some may wish to have their employee devices completely wiped if the device goes missing, some want to secure specific apps & many focus on data alone. This is enabling people to get more work done on their devices which saves a lot of time & cost for companies. The enterprise IT services we provide in India are compatible with all Windows 10 and MacOS to ensure functioning on a global scale. And most importantly, we focus on creating the best engagement designs to provide a productive and convenient experience for employees.


Hotel Management

CSR is a mission control software for all the information & functioning of reservations that also acts as a database distribution system.

Inventory Management

Functioning in real-time, this software tracks all the information of activities like receipts, orders and any movement of goods.

Content Management

The software system of CMS uses a database to create & manage all the digital data & also helps developers to create modules & applications.


Our first plan of action as an enterprise solutions company is to start by hearing out your needs, prioritizing them first and after an in-depth research & analysis of your brand & your domain, our experts will strategize and design systems that will benefit the company as well as its employees on a huge scale. But the delivery will only be after our experts make sure the system is 100% reliable. And we’ll not only provide you with what you want, but also with what you didn’t know you needed.


Why choose ODW?

ODW can be your partner as an enterprise solutions company in India because we create the most solid functioning systems that assist companies and their employees in enabling their work to be on-the-go, less expensive and with increased accuracy, along with the security that we guarantee with. Our trust is the core of our team, and we have the most credible designers that keep raising the bar each time. Try us.

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