UX and Its Relevance for Business


End is the very reason for a beginning.

Imagine yourself going to a bank for the first time to open a bank account; you went to a street with several branches of different banks. You enter one of the famous banks which you remember from a TV commercial, only to find out that chaos prevails there, with no proper information desk, no signs on counters, no cleanliness and the staffs seem to be rude quite the opposite of what was shown in the commercial. Frustrated with the environment you decide to visit another bank across the street with a proper information counter, organised office, well-trained staff and a customer friendly environment;  which bank would you choose? The same scenario can be faced by a consumer with choosing all kind of goods and services available in the market.

Now in the above scenario replace the street with your Smartphone and the bank with a mobile app or a website of any category. With a rapid shift of markets from the physical world to online world UX (user experience) has become more relevant than ever, not that it didn’t have any significance before. But now it stands as the very line that differentiates between a winner and a survivor.

What is UX?

It is as dynamic as it can get. UX cannot be defined by just some literal definition, to begin with. It is an ever going process of evolution of a product with respect to the interaction with the user.
According to the International organisation for standardization, it is a “person’s perception and responses resulting from the use and or anticipated use of a product, system or services”.

Or most notably it can be defined as how an individual perceives & feel while using a digital product, for example, mobile app or a website. While using a digital tool or a product consumer tends to experience a whole spectrum of emotions, intuitions and impulses that later translates into overall liking or disliking of that product by the consumer. There are multiple aspects of a digital product like usability, overall aesthetics, design, performance and interface that resonates to a final user experience. UX sometimes can be confused with UI (user interface) but it is a much broader concept than UI. As UI is the tool with which user interaction with a digital product, UX consist all facets of end-user interaction with a digital product.

Why is UX an important aspect of businesses today?

The very notion of modern-day marketing dictates that consumers these days demands experience rather than the product itself. An individual’s psyche does not resonate with the product but with the emotions generated while using it. That is where UX comes into the picture. The survival of a business depends a lot on its ability to fulfil the needs of its customer, but how they fulfil those needs determines its success over the other. Managers can look at the examples set by corporations like Google & Facebook, the way they have achieved, what they have achieved by the virtue of their superior innovation in the field of UX. Providing a superior UX does not meat to just be user-friendly but to make your consumer enjoy the experience of interaction with your platform.

The major advantages a business get by having a superior UX are:

  1. It helps in customer acquisition- Providing a good UX helps businesses to acquire new customers easily, especially for the new start-ups a good UX can act as the deciding factor that determines your success.
  2. Consumer retention- one of the biggest challenge that today’s environment offers is to retain consumers. An advance UX is a crucial factor that enables businesses to do the same. When a consumer has a memorable experience using your product he/she tends to return & reuse your product.
  3. Crucial for new businesses- one of the challenges that new business face today is how to generate trust in the consumers, with the absence of a strong brand identity this becomes even harder, the superior quality of your product ensures that consumer develops trust in you.
  4. A good UX ensures that consumer can interact with your product with utmost efficiency, ensuring a strong brand image and loyalty.
  5. An efficient UX pays the way for the consumer to take avail all the benefits that your product offers without any confusion.

UX is not just an end it’s a prospectus of A new beginning for your product and your business. Don’t take it just as an investment; take it as the first building block of a bridge between you and your customers.

How actually we from ODW be a superstar UX consultant for your products.

Usability Testing
We watch and listen to your customers. Our usability experts design studies and create awareness to give you illuminating insight and concrete recommendations for improvement.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis
We apply qualitative and quantitative techniques for collecting the information so you know how well you perform compared to your competitors. We anlayize your position in the marketplace through comparative and proven studies with your competitors.

Expert Design Review
Our user experience experts conduct a right analysis of your interface design. The report includes a prioritized list of recommendations for helping you great user requirements.

Information Architecture Analysis
We apply a research-driven systematic approach to collecting data so that the recommendations are based on evidence. We work with your team to evaluate how well your content is organized, structured, and labelled.

UX Strategy Guidance & Planning
Workshops and high-level management consulting on UX strategy, company organizational structures, and product development processes.

UX Training
We provide in-house training that is tailored to fit your team’s requirements, and build unified process and understanding across different internal team members. We also Include UX Certification provided by certification bodies like “Skilled Box”

Contact us to discuss about your UX requirements and email us with your project details for more specifics about our services: sales@odw.rocks or call us at +91 93 1234 2222

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