App it Up


“To be or not to be, that is the question”

The very dilemma troubled wise men throughout the history and made empires rise & fall. The present scenario offers the same dilemma for business all around the world. The ever-changing the business environment of this capitalist world where profits are the only driving force of the markets, corporations always remain on an edge for innovation or deciding which one to adopt.

But time has always proven them to be behind itself for example once there was a time when a corporation(small or big) stumbled in deciding whether to have an online presence or not, but now having an online presence seems to be an inevitable reality. Today, the same dilemma has risen up in form of a mobile app, whether you business should have one or not. As app development require huge capital and man hour, managers have been very cautious in deciding whether to have it or not. Let’s face the situation first of all today the majority of consumer online traffic is been shifted from computers to smartphones, emails replaced by messaging apps and websites by apps. Now the million dollar question arise, how to decide if your business need a mobile app?

First, let’s look at the benefits that having an app offer.

  1. Consumer Interaction– having an app provides with 2 way communication with consumers. It creates a direct marketing channel.
  2. Visibility to the Consumer– being present on the home screen of consumer all the time creates a psychological impact on the subconscious of your consumer. Consumer tends to decide in your favor in critical deciding situations.
  3. Customer Loyalty– you can provide different loyalty programs directly to consumers.
  4. Brand Recognition– it helps in building your brand and improve brand recognition.
  5. Customizing Services – You can expertise in customizing your services and also provide on-demand services to your customers.

Now how to decide if having an app would be useful for you or not

  • Your Customer’s Online Habits – you can check your consumer data or conduct a thorough marketing research about the online habits of your consumers. If they are using online ways to reach you. You can provide your consumers with an app in order to give them a tailored and interactive experience.
  • Your Competitor – do your competitor also have an app and if they are gaining an advantage over you through that app.
  • Do you Provide on-Demand if yes, app is mandatory?

Coming to how to get an app

  • In House agency gives you more control and ability to upgrade whenever required. Also its cost saving.
  • Specialized agencies like ODW provide much needed specialization and perfection needed for this tricky business.Over the years ODW has accumulated experience in bringing the offline business to online business and supported its partners to become an identity in the market. ODW can provide you the much needed kick start for going online and getting the well deserved visibility.

Now “ to be or not to be” the question remains unanswered as only one that can answer is you.

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