Your checklist for choosing right IT Outsourcing vendor


Your Checklist for choosing right IT Outsourcing vendor

Outsourcing services has become extremely popular as it combines low cost with high quality. It allows companies to focus on their core business areas while their offshore partners look after their ancillary services, development and maintenance and even, marketing campaigns. India has become the hub of outsourcing vendors owing to its abundance of skilled professionals producing high-quality work at fraction of cost in the west.

To choose the best outsourcing partner for your website development, app development and other IT services, some key aspects are to be kept in mind:

  • Your goal vs your vendor’s values

Outline your goals and vision to your potential vendors. Formulate a project report encompassing your project details, strategies and challenges with the help of a core project team comprising of developers, designers, testers and managers. Communicate the report to your shortlisted vendors. Align them against each vendor’s values. The best match will be the best fit. You can move to the next stage of negotiation with them.

  • Resources and capabilities

Find out if the shortlisted vendors have trained and experienced people to carry out your project efficiently. Do they have the requisite tools and technologies? Is the required infrastructural support available with them? How relevant is the vendor’s portfolio to your business?

  • Cost effectiveness

Pricing will be crucial in deciding the best outsourcing partner for you. It is indeed one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing. Negotiate well with your vendors but, it’s best not to compromise quality for saving some money. In the long run, a healthy relationship lucrative to you and satisfying for your vendor will only sustain.

  • Confidentiality and security

Your company and client data should be safe and secure with your vendors. Does your vendor have sufficient security policies in place? You might consider checking references of vendor’s prior clients to cross-check his claims and satisfy your queries.

  • Flexibility and clarity in Service Level Agreement(SLA) or contract

The SLA is the most vital document for outsourcing. Ensure that all terms related to pricing, payment, delivery, conflict and mitigation are clearly spelled out in the contract. Do safeguard your interest by clearly mentioning the level of quality expected from the vendor.

  • Communication

Time difference between zones of vendor and hirer should not hamper seamless functioning. There should be ample communication strategies in place so that prompt conversation can be facilitated. Day-to-day operations and timely reports should be expected of the vendor. Communication will definitely hold the key in the inter-cultural venture.

While the above listed factors should be in your checklist when choosing an outsourcing partner for your business, do not confine yourself to them. There are a multitude of additional factors to keep in mind. Complete alignment between time zones, compelling body of work, excellent references, relevant prior experience and experienced management team are some more factors to consider. At the end, trust your business instincts and work in complete collaboration with your vendor to get the best result from combined efforts.

ODW is confident that it will excel in providing your business the outsourcing advantage. It has the required experience and resources and a team of driven people at the core, for which your excellence is the aim. Years of outsourcing experience in diverse industries with complete understanding of market dynamics and excellent human resources set apart ODW from competitors. ODW will be more than a vendor; it will partner you to reach unscalable heights.

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