Why go Digital with your business


The world has not only accepted but embraced all the digital upgradations . Let’s take a look on number of people that are online and what they are doing online with time they are spending on internet. And this brings us to on  how business can benefit from the varied and evolving digital trends.

Growth so far :

Growth so far
Growth so far

Let’s look at trend of over past 15 years to look at how online usage has exploded. Today nearly half the world is online , a growth rate of 767% has been recorded over this time period.Worldwide,In 2000, around 361 million people were online  however, In 2014, there were over 3 billion.

Let’s look at Europe where they have average 1.25 mobile subscriptions each person that means more than one mobile line per person. The amazing fact is more than 75% Europeans are avid users of internet.

As per the various reports, On average, people spend over 1,900 minutes per month online—that’s over 30 hours ,on various devices.

What are they doing here :

What are these digitally connected people doing online and how can Business tap into this opportunity.

  • They are shopping.Today people prefer shopping online both for convience and cost saving.
  • Online videos has seen triple-digit growth, with people watching websites like  Netflix and Youtube and other social media.
  • People socialize and share
  • People are checking the reviews online before making a online/offline purchase.

What can we do here :

Being a business owner, these become your potential opportunity

  • Since all are online – Find new customers.
  • Being online lets you reach out to new customers and build better relationships with customers you already have.
  • Sell your product directly to end customer straight with your website or app
  • You can sell locally or globally (or both), and use state-of-the-art analytics to find out what your customers really want and need.
  • Targeted advertising for potential customers.
  • And most of all have the data that’s required for enhancing your business.

Embrace this opportunity now as every country, region and entire world is shifting towards Digitization.

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