What is the right Strategy for Digitization?


Going online can provides virtually endless opportunities to you and your business. Here we list core components of getting digital, how it can relate to your specific business and how to get this transformation done. This transformation pointers can support even those who already are online but are not very sure how to promote and reap benefits of online world.

Today you have business has grown majorly through referrals and word of mouth. So far, you’ve some or no  presence online, but how can you move to next level. You know, going online can support you immensely.

Few advantages of being online are :

  • Reaping benefits of Search. You can be visible not only in your local area but globally  
  • You can make sales online
  • You might want to post videos of your expertise in the field.
  • Happy Customers can leave testimonials for you
  • Your shop can be found via maps within a given radius.
  • You can have your customers fill query forms or feedback forms.
  • Customers might click over to your social media sites where they’ll find even more tips, photos and videos about you and your business
  • You can understand the customer trends and requirements. And customize if required.
  • You can advertise to targeted customers.
  • You can use analytics tool

And what not !! As mentioned above the possibilities are endless and doable !!. But do you want to do everything for your website and How ?

Strategizing your Digitalization is very important as you business is directly impacted by how you do it.

Scope :

Scoping defines where all do you want to be present web, mobiles, tabs. Where and how are you available on social sites.Where do you want to start, and where do you want to go?

Technology :

How would you like to handle the technical aspects of your site. Depending on the capability in house —which may take more time—or get help for experts on the web development.

Content :

Your website content speak about you. It should be crisp, clear and tell what you want people to know about you. Ensure the content is well written and has all relevant information

Budget :

Finally you’ll want to consider Cost and Time: Set a realistic budget and an achievable schedule with clear milestones—and commit fully to both.

There is seemless opportunity to reach customers around the world, do not ignore it.

Let the web work for you !!!

It’s time to take the plunge and go digital!


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