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UX and Its Relevance for Business

UX and Its Relevance for Business

End is the very reason for a beginning. Imagine yourself going to a bank for the first time to open a bank account; you went to a street with several branches of different banks. You enter one of the famous banks which you remember from a TV commercial, only to find out that chaos prevails there, with no proper information desk, no signs on counters, no cleanliness and the staffs seem to be rude...

App it Up

Mobile App development

“To be or not to be, that is the question” The very dilemma troubled wise men throughout the history and made empires rise & fall. The present scenario offers the same dilemma for business all around the world. The ever-changing the business environment of this capitalist world where profits are the only driving force of the markets, corporations always remain on an edge for...

Your checklist for choosing right IT Outsourcing vendor


Your Checklist for choosing right IT Outsourcing vendor Outsourcing services has become extremely popular as it combines low cost with high quality. It allows companies to focus on their core business areas while their offshore partners look after their ancillary services, development and maintenance and even, marketing campaigns. India has become the hub of outsourcing vendors owing to its...

Why go Digital with your business


The world has not only accepted but embraced all the digital upgradations . Let’s take a look on number of people that are online and what they are doing online with time they are spending on internet. And this brings us to on  how business can benefit from the varied and evolving digital trends. Growth so far : Let’s look at trend of over past 15 years to look at how online usage has...

Why should I Outsource ?

Why should i outsource

This reminds me of my first economics lesson. It’s all about economical trade-offs. If I work as a Lawyer and make $500 per hour, I will not work as Gardener at my own garden, as I am not skilled enough for the task  and outsourcing the maintenance of my garden is more cost effective. My gardener is charging me only $50 per hour. And I also do not have take care of his stay. So I get my...

What is the right Strategy for Digitization?

What is the right Strategy for Digitization

Going online can provides virtually endless opportunities to you and your business. Here we list core components of getting digital, how it can relate to your specific business and how to get this transformation done. This transformation pointers can support even those who already are online but are not very sure how to promote and reap benefits of online world. Today you have business has grown...